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What is Theta Healing®?  Whether it’s money, success, health, weight, spirituality, creativity or love, our true beliefs are revealed in what our life looks like. When we don’t  achieve our goals it’s because there are subconscious negative beliefs that limit us.  With Theta Healing we are able to identify the hidden fear or limiting belief, bring it to the surface, eliminate the negative belief that holds us back, and replace it with a positive, healthy belief system that supports the life we want to lead.

jennifer-headshot-webWhen we uncover the limiting belief we are free to consciously let it go.  I find people are continuously surprised how quick it is.  They thought it had to be difficult  and take years to uncover their negative beliefs, but with Theta Healing it’s not true. It can be easy.  If you are ready to live your life the way you always intended, it’s time to experience Theta Healing.

The photo at the top of this page is of Cathedral Rock, near my home in Sedona Airzona.  It is a wonderful metaphor for Theta Healing. When the subconscious mind (in the still water of the theta state) reflects perfectly the conscious mind (as in the rocks above), our lives match our intentions, and we are free to move forward and live the kind of life we choose.


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“I am so incredibly grateful for having met Jennifer. Her kind, compassionate and honest approach has enabled me to face and release my deepest fears, resentments, and self sabotaging beliefs both quickly and easily. Prior to working with Jennifer, I was stuck in an unhealthy, codependent, and emotionally void relationship. I had allowed myself to repeatedly be the victim and to sacrifice my own desires and happiness for that of my partner. The stored up anger, frustration, bitterness and stagnant energy was spilling over into all areas of my life, and was beginning to show up as sickness within my physical body.

In just a few sessions, Jennifer was able to help me clear blocks and trauma that I had been working on through other healing modalities for years. Jennifer gave me the courage to move forward in my life, to step fully into my power and to finally free myself from the ghosts of my past, all with grace and ease. Most importantly, she showed me how to forgive and love myself which has led to endless blessings in my life. Everywhere I go, people mirror back this love to me and I have never been happier or more at peace. I am so thankful to have found Jennifer at this time in my life. I truly believe that I would not have been able to move forward in such a positive way without Jennifer’s encouragement and guidance. I am so excited to continue this new, vibrant and healthy chapter of my life. Thank you Jennifer!”
Kelly B. Phoenix, AZ 

“I was a nervous wreck because my 13 year old was cutting herself as a result of some emotional issues. She had a theta session with Jennifer and amazingly, it stopped. In addition Jennifer introduced her to a variety of spiritual connections and taught her muscle testing, both of which she still uses gratefully a year later. Thank you so much, Jennifer. We feel truly blessed to have met you and for helping us out during that troubling time.”
SS, Aurora, IL

“I arranged for my 16 year old son to have a Theta Healing session with Jennifer and the immediate results were staggering. He had been suffering from brain fog, depression, fatigue and the need to be reclusive. He also had a fear of sleeping in his bedroom and slept on the couch in the living room. After just two Theta sessions my son is now social, (noticed by friends), energized, sleeping in his bedroom, and the brain fog is lifting daily. Jennifer has succeeded where neurologists, psychiatrists and therapists were at a loss. She’s a gift. 🙂 ”
I.B. Burbank, CA

“I had a fear of yelling, as people in my family yell a lot of the time.  After only one session with Jennifer that fear has disappeared.   What a relief!
I also knew that something was holding me back in my efforts to grow and improve.  Since the Theta session the blockage is just not there anymore and I am now in alignment.  I feel I am free!
Jennifer, you deeply care about each and every person that you heal and that’s exactly why your sessions are so powerful.  You hold a very special gift.  You are a wonderful human being and I’m grateful we have crossed paths.  Thank you for all that you do.”

MG La Crescenta, CA

“I have studied many spiritual philosophies and processes. I found that in two sessions with Jennifer and the Theta Healing process I was able to embrace myself in a more gentle loving way opening me to a depth of understanding that would have taken many years of previous ‘hard work’ to achieve. I truly enjoyed exploring my heart and soul energy in this creative fashion and Jennifer made it easy to do so. These two sessions have lead me to be aware and open to abundantly infinite possibilities for my life.”
Janet N – Show Low, AZ

Jennifer, I want to thank you for the fantastic Theta Healing session. After dropping several negative programs, I found myself completely open to each new opportunity! The very next day, after our session, I received a video production job in Seattle, Washington. It was from someone I had never met before. He had got my name from a referral that was over 7 years old! I drove to Seattle on a fantastic day, videotaped several types of dancers at locations that were perfect for the performances! I had a lot of fun. He paid me more than we originally agreed and he bought dinner! I could not have planned such a perfect day!
Again, thank you very much.
Bob Stephens – Portland, Oregon

Jennifer –
First of all, thank you for an amazingly profound experience today. I’ve been doing healing work and emotional clearing for decades and I can tell you, it was totally “spot on” to what I was looking for and more.  I really appreciate your patience and your ability to match my energy/speed/needs immediately. You’re a wonderful healing guide.  I’m really looking forward to watching this unfold; I know a major change took place today. Thank you so much for your help!
Jodie C. –  Phoenix, Az.

I’m very glad to know Jennifer, and very grateful for her sessions. She was so attentive and cared about me, I could feel it right away. As I was feeling strange aches and pains which was dull and obviously not from my physical body, I needed help so that I was looking for some healing. At that time I found her web-site. When I was reading her story, I knew that I needed to work something in my subconscious level, which she was explaining our lives are reflections of our mind. And also I was frustrated that I couldn’t feel strongly who I am. Through sessions with her, it was revealed that there were many problems mostly from my past lives issues buried deep in my subconscious mind which strongly prevented me from being who I am. Each sessions were different, but I could feel the sensations which old energy came up and gone away, then replaced by new energy ! It was pretty amazing!

Also I was very thankful for her quick healing. It was in between the sessions, I remembered that I had a small car accident and I hit on my head, I was very thankful that she was so kind that she offered me a quick healing at that time.

With her passion for the healing and her care for me, she gave me the advice to take the classes for Theta Healing. Yes, I needed that ! She was right ! It was a big blessing for me to take classes, after that I can work on myself and I can offer my friend small sessions.
Thank you Jennifer.
Akiyo Settsu – Phoenix, AZ

About me:

My name is Jennifer Roven and I am a long time resident of Sedona, Arizona,  I am a certified advanced Theta Healer Practitioner.  I’ve been on a spiritual/healing journey for over 30 years. I’ve studied and have been a practitioner of Joel Goldsmith’s Spiritual Healing; Meishu Sama’s Johrei; Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy; Advaita Vedanta with Robert Adams, and Release Technique®.  All of them are very beneficial, still a part of me and helped prepare me, but Theta Healing® is the fastest, easiest, yet deepest and most thorough of all the healings for me personally, and being a Theta Healing® Practitioner is  my focus.

Following one of my first Theta Healing sessions, the flow of my creativity so opened that a book I was slowly writing for one and a half years, completed itself in a month.  I resolved and made peace with a long-standing personal relationship that was I felt was hopeless.  My health completely turned around.  Most important, my self confidence was restored.  Now I am connected to my source.  I know who I am and who I was meant to be.

Jennifer Roven in Sedona

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Powerful Theta Healing sessions over the phone or on Skype with long time Sedona resident, Jennifer Roven. During the first session, I explain Theta Healing and show you how it works, and we talk about you and what you’d like to work on. The allotted time is usually enough time to cover one or more issues.

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Private Theta Healing® Phone Sessions

All sessions are 90 minutes.

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